My Story

I’m no purist when it comes to media, I have a do whatever it takes to make it funky attitude when in the studio.


Dwayne "Dubelyoo" Wright is an Atlanta based artist and the curator of the traveling exhibition Art, Beats+Lyrics. Dubelyoo has curated over 90 shows in spaces that range from museums to stadiums around the U.S. As a visual artist, his depiction of urban life and culture have been sought after by brands like Sony, Champs, Microsoft, professional sports teams and Jack Daniels. Dubelyoo can also be found speaking at workshops and events on the topic of art and entrepreneurship.



I paint images of African-American and minority paired with hip-hop and urban cultural references. Contrasting motifs like man-made vs nature and the past vs the present is a major part of my work. I strive to create images that have familiar looking face involved with a background that feels authentic and gives subtle nods to those that recognized the cultural references. My approach to creating is aligned with the urban culture that it is inspired by. I’m no purist when it comes to media, I have a 'whatever it takes to make it funky' attitude when in the studio.

I believe the role of an artist to create and to connect with people. The role has not changed much, but how an artist connects with people have. We have more outlets for expression than ever before. The challenge used to be being heard, now the challenge is saying something worth hearing.